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Start Saving Your Life

On Monday morning, as I was driving to the studio to teach my Hatha Yoga class, I found myself listening to my favorite NPR mini podcast: Perspectives. * NPR describes Perspectives as a "series of commentaries by radio listeners" and each podcast is about 2-3 minutes long! Perfect for the on-the-go working yoga teacher.

I had just pulled up to the studio and needed to get in and set up, but the speaker caught my attention. He said he believed his practice of yoga and aikido saved his life from what could have been a deadly bike accident! I couldn't turn off the car. I was hooked and needed to hear more. **

The speaker explained that as he was riding his motorcycle in 2017, a distracted driver on his phone turned left and the speaker t-boned the car! He bounced off the hood of the car, turned to his right and did an Aikido roll - all while unconscious! He strongly testifies that his body knew what to do because of the 40 years of practice.

Every time he practiced Aikido or yoga, a deposit was made into his life bank account. A little at a time doesn't seem like a lot at first, but it sure does add up. There are hundreds of stories of people make small changes, perhaps 1 thing a day or a week, and their lives were shifted for the better. The speaker literally saved his own life with his practice. How amazing is that?!

Back in 2010, I decided to start "saving" my life. I realized I couldn't keep up the party lifestyle that I had with my boyfriend and I craved the energy to do more yoga. I began to seek out nutritional advice, shifted my mind by ending the relationship, and dove deeper into my yoga practice. My physical health has exponentially changed since then although I'm still a work in progress.

Can you imagine your "life" savings and the quality of your retirement years if you began your self-care routine NOW? What would you change? How would you change it?

I'm pleased to help you if you're ready to start changing your body and mind through yoga! Not only do I offer several weekly yoga classes in Sonoma, CA but I also offer affordable live ONLINE meetups for private and group yoga sessions no matter where you are in the world!

Click HERE to learn more and sign up!

Be the Light,



**Living Proof by Richard Levitt


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