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support for C-Suite and their teams in a 7-figure company

Elevate operational efficiency with strategic guidance in key business areas:

Change Management: Navigating transitions and transformations seamlessly.

From needs assessment to organizational development, we'll guide your business through change, ensuring a smooth transition, clear communication, and leadership support.


People Management: Fostering individual leadership and building sustainable teams.

Recognizing strengths, providing proper training, and aligning company values with individual values. Our approach integrates recruiting, training, and establishing a corporate culture that values diversity, fair wages, and professional growth.

Project Management: Efficient and effective project management from start to finish.


We bring clarity to task management, provide team training, establish time management milestones, and expertly manage marketing and tech rollouts. Our focus is on operational guidelines and creative problem-solving.

Process Management: Optimizing operations with clear, standardized procedures.


Our approach includes developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), establishing team communication guidelines, providing task management training, and aligning marketing, technology, and operations for seamless synergy.

I empower small businesses to achieve operational efficiency through strategic management in key areas, fostering growth and success.

I worked with Reneé through a variety of projects, from sales & marketing automation to business model projects and recruiting consulting work. Reneé's skills include, but are not limited to, operations management, program design and management, interviewing & consultation, and people management. Most importantly to me, she is highly adaptable and great at exploring new technology and processes.

Brian Hatano

Chief Executive Officer

Optimize Your Business.

 Ignite Unstoppable Growth.

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