About Renee Clair

My Mission

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

-Mahatma Gandhi

I teach students the importance of core and alignment in yoga poses in order to prevent injuries. I show students how to strengthen their body to discover safe flexibility. I encourage healthy eating habits to provide mental clarity and energy to the body.


Change your body, change your mind. Change your mind, change the world!

My Story

You're going to laugh... but the first time I took a yoga class, I walked out in the first 15 minutes! I was at a gym, had rolled in late and felt incredibly discouraged because all the students seemed to be able to easily touch their toes when in a forward fold. Then the teacher wanted me to get upside down and do a dog something-or-other? No thank you! I promptly walked out never to do yoga again until years later.

And then I fell in love! Yoga was offered at my work twice weekly and the teacher got to know each student and provided us with many cues to help us feel strong. Soon the mental fog in my mind started to clear and I found myself getting stronger each week. I loved this feeling!

However, one day I went to a new class and suffered an injury from yoga. I was in a pose called Trikonasana (Triangle) and I tore a muscle deep inside my hip. It was quite debilitating and surprising! I found myself fearful of ever doing that pose again. When I moved to California, I dove deeply into my yoga studies and discovered that my injury was due to forcing myself into a pose (stretching) without keeping my core tight (strengthening). I also learned that flexibility comes from strength!

Needless to say, as soon as this lightbulb went off, I made it my mission to help others reduce injuries by getting strong in their core and the rest of their bodies. My classes are created for everyone, especially beginners, to create a safe environment for developing strength. My classes often include self-discovery and experiments: doing a pose, doing a strengthening exercise, and doing the pose again to find stability and flexibility.

I love when students leave and say that they discovered something new about their bodies... and their minds!

Currently, I live in Fairfield, CA with my beautiful Chihuahua mix, Nilla, although we call home San Antonio, TX. I'm forever a student at heart: I'm working with a personal trainer on food and fitness goals, discovering the art of tidiness and perfecting my blogging voice. You can find me randomly singing a song in public or loudly in  my car, watching guilty pleasures on Netflix or enjoying company with a friend in-person or via FaceTime.

The Technical Stuff

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  MA, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, 2008

    BA, Psychology w/Minor in General Business, 2005

    Marriage & Family Therapy (1 yr course study), 2006




  Spirit Junkie Masterclass (Gabrielle Bernstein), 2018

    50-Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, 2016

      200-Hr Advanced Studies and Yoga Teacher Training, 2014

       Prosci Change Management Practitioner, 2012

                 RYT 200 - Yoga Alliance

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