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Hi! I'm Reneé Clair, MA


I'm an Empowerment Strategist for entrepreneurs and their teams.  


My mission is to guide entrepreneurs in breaking limiting beliefs to unlock personal and professional freedom. 

With decades of experience in marketing, sales, operations, and wellness, I advocate for change by working as both a consultant for small businesses and a coach for service providers.

I have a background in recruiting, project management, marketing, sales strategy, operations, human resources, and more. I bring a wealth of expertise to empower you. Let's start your journey of empowered transformation today.

Reneé lives in San Antonio, TX with her fiancé and their 4 dogs. She works from home, travels often to her fave state of CA, loves to sing karaoke and is a big fan of chocolate, tea and all things health-related.


Reneé holds a MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology as well as a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification.

Human Design: Manifesting Generator (4/6 The Opportunist Role Model)

Strengths Finder: Arranger, Empathy, Harmony, Inclusiveness and Responsibility

Enneagram: 2w3 (The Host)
Personality Type: ENFJ

Ayurvedic  Prakruti: Pitta Kapha

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The Technical Stuff

  • LinkedIn
  • MA, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, 2008

  • BA, Psychology, 2005

  • Minor in General Business, 2005

  • Marriage & Family Therapy (1 yr study), 2006


  • Life at the Crossroads (Dr. Jean Houston), 2022

  • Light Me Up Podcast Hostess, 2020

  • Spirit Junkie Masterclass (Gabby Bernstein), 2018

  • Oneness Blessing/Deeksha Giver Training, 2016

  • 50-Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, 2016

  • 200-Hr Advanced Teacher Training, 2014

  • Prosci Change Management Practitioner, 2012

  • Founder, Toastmasters International Club, 2010

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