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guidance for multi-passionate entrepreneurs in the service industry

Ignite your entrepreneurial prowess with tailored coaching to foster your empowerment and freedom in these areas:

Effortless Productivity: Unlock the hallmark of intuitive productivity by embracing a path of grace and ease.


Prioritize self-care, embrace imperfection, and let go of what's draining to foster a holistic and gentle approach to achieving effortless productivity. Join me on a journey to make easeful and effortless productivity a natural part of your entrepreneurial life.


Marketing + Sales Strategy: Craft a marketing and sales strategy that aligns with your values, attracts your ideal clients, and propels your business forward.


Develop a clear plan, ground yourself in confidence, and manifest clients with a dream schedule. Break free from limiting beliefs and prosper by consistently sharing your services through impactful calls and connections.

Embracing Technology and Automation: Effortlessly integrate technology and automation into your solopreneur journey.


Streamline your processes, enhance efficiency, and free up valuable time for meaningful work. Embrace the power of tech tools that resonate with your unique business, creating a seamless and automated foundation for success.

Personal Growth: Nurture personal growth by finding comfort and acceptance in mind, body, and soul.


Break free from feeling stuck through unconventional modalities such as CBT (identifying emotions in the body), yoga, and movement to navigate through emotions. Align your work with your life for full integration, empowering you to thrive personally and professionally.

My mission is to empower entrepreneurs in the service industry to uncover their inner truth, break free from societal constraints, and define happiness and success on their own terms, no matter the moment.

As a business owner, wife, mother, and wellness advocate,  I was blindsided by all the disruptions Covid-19 brought about. Even though I had more time being at home, I couldn't seem to be as productive as I expected.  Things got more off track for our household and I was at a loss how to get things somewhat streamlined. (For my sanity) I scheduled a productivity coaching call with Reneé. During our call I was able to clearly identify my top priorities, and what an ideal week could look like, without feeling overwhelmed. Reneé listened patiently and offered helpful suggestions to put a few things into place for a manageable flow between work-life and home-life. A couple of her suggestions included using a time blocking schedule and a bullet journal. These suggestions were game-changers! I now have a plan of action (POA) that I am excited about and am able to be as productive as I choose to be. I highly recommend this to anybody who feels things just aren't working well for your day. 


A Week Later: My POA is working out great! I feel much more productive, which gives me a sense of satisfaction and peace. I read a prophetic word that said something like we cannot rush time or timing, so even though I make plans and go through steps,  I'm resting in God's plan as to what will work out or not. And holding things lightly!


Cynthia Torrez

Virtual Assistant and Bookkeeper

Gain Confidence Within Your Business.

 Embrace Creativity and Freedom.

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