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5 Min Yogi Abs (Video!)

Happiest Holidays!!! Who doesn't like opening a gift before the actual BIG day? Well here you go my friends! May I present you (get it... present?!) with my very first video focused on core strength and stability! Your core is not just that 6-pack we dream of: it's the entire torso comprising of muscles that support the spine and organs (check out more here: Core - Anatomy). Of course, we mainly hear "core work" as "ab work", so I've named this video as such.

In this video, you'll perform 3 exercises. I strongly encourage you to do the movements slowly, focusing on tightening your mid-section on your exhales. Don't forget to do 2-3 rounds with at least 10 repetitions. For forearm plank, hold for 20-30 seconds (you can count with "Mississippis" if you'd like!).

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Want more? Got an idea? Have a question? Let me know! I genuinely love hearing from you.

Disclaimer: Yogi practicing the art of imperfection here - pardon my bloopers! See if you can catch my "Cousin It" moments as well as misnaming parts of the body. Nervousness is a curious thing!



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