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What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid? How to Empower Yourself to Make a Change

Seriously though...what would (and more importantly and empowering) COULD you do if you weren't afraid?

When I think about fear, I think about an emotion that no one wants to feel (it's so uncomfortable!), yet, back in our cave man/woman days, fear was a necessity. We needed fear to keep our families and ourselves safe. Fear ignited movement. Movement equates to CHANGE. It's how we evolved and progressed as a civilization.

Nowadays most of us don't have to be on high alert to run away from a tiger (I hope!), but fear is still prevalent and is a necessity. What if you could embrace fear and, in a safe place to reduce panic, let the emotion guide you to what you want and need for your life? What if you knew you had the freedom to choose anything you wanted to do and leverage fear as MOTIVATION - a vehicle to propel you forward?

Fear has definitely prevented me from doing and not doing many things for my health, relationships, work, you name it. It seems to be down-right debilitating at times. Recently I put "sitting with fear" to the test and calmly let it guide me. The result: I was able to make not steps forward, but leaps and bounds!

FEAR can be a catalyst for important transitions in your life if you let it, just find the reassurance that you are worth whatever you choose to make your life happy and healthy.

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I empower myself to break free from fear

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