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Specialized Recruiting Services

Are you feeling overwhelmed or on the verge of burn out?


Have you had a Virtual Assistant in the past, but it didn't work out as well as you'd hoped?


Or maybe someone's mentioned you need a Virtual Assistant, but you're wondering how in the world do I even start to find one who's a good match for me?

That's where I can come in as your partner-in-crime! This past year, I took my recruiting skills as a technical recruiter (think hardware + software engineers) and well as my productivity and project management finesse to help my fellow wellness entrepreneurs! Not sure if you're ready to take on a help or about tasks to hand off or if you can even afford help? Let's chat to figure out what's right for you!

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Reneé helped me so much when it came to hiring not only 1 but 2 efficient Virtual Asisstants (VAs). I felt overwhelmed the moment I started getting job applications for a posting that I did.


I kinda wished that I had known about Reneé and her offerings before I put out a job posting! Her process and her way of knowing all of the steps to do for hiring process put  both myself and everyone who applied for the job at ease. Every one of us felt really taken care of, which completely exceeded my expectations.


Reneé saved me hours of time and I was able to hire 2 people who have been tremendous assets to our team. By hiring them, I’m able to focus more on the work that I’m really excited about doing and only the work I can do. I


I’m thrilled with how the entire hiring process went. I learned a lot and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Reneé's recruiting services to ANYONE who’s thinking about hiring, even if it’s just to review the process or to take over and do the whole thing. And, if I was hiring again, hands down, I’d get Reneé to help me!

How we can work together

Individual Coaching Calls

I empower you to feel calm and graceful in your hiring process by training you on recruiting best practices (like interviewing skills, best ways to find your Virtual Assistant, project management, etc.).

Full Life Cycling Recruiting

I can take a more hands-on approach if you are just feeling too overwhelemed or are in the middle of other big projects.

Small Package

We work together using your network to find your ideal VA. I'll be your cheerleader, guiding you with project and process management. I'll keep you on schedule and be responsive to each candidate with care. I'll do the first line of interviews, assessing candidates skills and culture fit, and then pass to you with recommendations for you to interview the Top 3. I'll help you choose the best fit and chat hourly rates for your budget. I'll also let all know the role has been filled so everyone feels their time is appreciated!

Large Package

All of the above but I do about 90% of the work and simply hand you over your Top 3 to interview. I'll create the job listing and find the candidates. This is the stress-free route where you can rest assured that a trusted confidante is handling all behind the scenes.

Not sure what's right for you right now? Schedule a call with me so that I can learn. more about your current workload and processes and I'll offer tips to help you get more clear!

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Reneé helped me get clear on the tasks I wanted to offload and who I was looking for! We had a really awesome call that gave me so much clarity on my next steps for hiring someone! If you are looking to hire someone but aren't sure where to start, I highly recommend working with Reneé.

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