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One-to-One Clair-ity Call

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Deciding to work with Reneé to help get my health coaching business started has been the best decision I could have made. In just a few months, what had been an exciting but vague plan percolating in my mind for almost two years is now getting very close to becoming a reality. I can now see the finish line of the preparations, and the starting line of my dream! Reneé's coaching style has just the right balance of structure and flexibility, depending on the needs of the moment. She has helped me solidify vague ideas into concrete actions and to develop realistic timelines that challenge but don't overwhelm me. She is very grounded in her knowledge of the process and seems to have a knack for asking the right questions at the right time, to both support and challenge my thinking. At the same time, because of her uplifting personal presence, consistently encouraging attitude and authentic excitement for my business, our coaching sessions flow much like meaningful and enjoyable talks with a good friend, the kind that leave you with renewed focus, ready to take the next steps with confidence as well as a light heart. 


The meditation component of the coaching is a manifestation of the peacefulness and confidence that Reneé embodies in her coaching. Taking a few minutes to meditate at the beginning helps me feel more grounded in myself and with the process. Reneé is a wonderful model of the type of coaching values and practices I plan to use in my health coaching business, and I can use my own experience receiving this kind of coaching to inform my work. Most of all, I feel like I truly have someone "in it with me", which I believe has allowed me to move much more quickly towards my goals than I would have been able to on my own. Reneé speaks and shows gratefulness often, and I am very grateful for her warm and steady presence on this journey with me. I am so very grateful that I decided to invest in myself and in my business by hiring Reneé as a productivity coach. She brings that and so much more to her work, and I highly recommend her to anyone starting or running a wellness-based business.

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