Exciting *NEW* Offerings for Summer/Fall 2020

I'm excited to work with you in one or many of these ways! If you're not sure which is best for you, contact me HERE and tell me about what challenges you are currently facing. I have a knack for helping people get clear with their thoughts :) I'm so excited to help you BE and FEEl more productive so that you can truly feel confident about the direction of your wellness business!

A curated workshop offered through the "teachers of teachers" network.

Time Management 101

I help wellness entrepeneurs be productive when beginning their biz to hiring help.

90 or 60 Minute Calls

Feeling super overwhelmed? Thought about hiring a Virtual Assistant? I can help!

Recruiting Help

Lighten your workload so you can have more time to enlighten others!


 - Reneé Clair -

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