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I am and will always be a student of life. I believe in the power of sharing knowledge to uplift others to help them take what works for them and then create something new utilizing their unique talents and values.

Techy Tuesdays

A mini-training series for solopreneurs in the service industry.




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Pathmonk Presents Podcast with Ernesto Quezada (4/26/24)

Building a Strong Brand: The Key to Marketing Success”

Balanced Purpose Podcast with Ray Trevino - Episode 49 (4/22/24)

Chaos to Clarity with Renee Clair”


Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast with Amanda Kingsmith (4/1/24)

Empowerment Through Self-Care with Renee Clair”


Lead Stronger Longer with Stephanna Johnson (Video) (3/22/24)

“Empowerment Strategies for Service Based Entrepreneurs”


The Expert’s Roadmap with Bobby Kegley - Episode 9 (12/19/23)

“Reneé Clair — Saving Time, Being More Productive, and Folding AI into Your Business Operations (#9)”


From a Full Cup with Natalie Mullen- Episode 37 (8/31/23)

“Budget these 3 Key Resources for Ultimate Wellbeing w. Reneé Clair”


An Amber a Day Podcast with Amber Fischer - Season 3 Ep 8 (8/15/23)
“Time for You: Self-care, Productivity & Time Blocking with Renee Clair”


Task Management + Time Blocking Podcast with Francis Wade - Episode 30 (7/31/23)

“When You Need to Share Your Task Management Software”


Guides Collective with Aviva Rabinovici (7/13/23)

“Reneé Clair on Productivity and Time Management”


Life On Earth Podcast with Nathalie Croix (3/2/23)

“Time Management 101”


Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast with Amanda Kingsmith (5/20/23)

From the Archives: Time Management & Productivity 101 with Renee Clair


Yoga Magic - Episode 188 (1/5/23)

“Stop Overthinking, Start Time Blocking and Enjoy More Moments of Calm in 2023”


Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast (4/25/22)

"Behind the Scenes Episode: Automation & Batching"


Curious Monki Podcast - Episode 238 (2/3/22)

“Wisdom of 2021: Connect to soul, Connect with other humans, Let go of perfectionism, Show Up, Let go & Surrender”


Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast (12/17/21)

"How to Set Up Your Schedule to Achieve Your 2022 Goals"


Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast (10/14/21)

"5 Tips to Improve Productivity"


Curious Monki Podcast - Episode 191 (5/27/21)

"How She Got There: Productivity Consultant For WellnessPreneurs"


Curious Monki Podcast - Episode 190 (5/21/21)

"You Can Be Productive Without The Hustle! Here Are 5 Tips To Increase Productivity Without Compromising Your Wellbeing"


Balance Your Life Podcast - Episode 102 (4/1/21)

"All Things Wellness, Health + Healing Yourself Naturally"


Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast (3/29/21)

"Time Management & Productivity 101"


Health in the Real World Podcast (Video) - (3/5/21)

"Health, Wellness, and Productivity"


Offering Tree (Video) (1/26/21)

"From Chaos to Clarity: 5 Productivity Tips"


How to Get Hired During Covid (Video) (12/1/20)

"How to Work with a Recruiter When You are Job Searching"


​An Amber a Day - Episode 23 (10/23/20)

"Productivity, Time Management, Boundaries + Running a Solo-Entrepreneur Business" 


Matcha Mornings Podcast (7/7/20)

"Healing the Body Naturally & Learning to Meditate"

​Mastering the Business of Yoga (5/4/20)

"How to Hire Great People for Your Yoga Business"


The Connected Yoga Teacher - Episode 167 (5/4/20)

"How to Make a Recruiting Plan"


Light Me Up (2020)

The podcast designed to be your personal cheerleader for healthy change*

*My personal project

I'd be honored to be a guest on your podcast, to speak at your event or write for your site! 

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