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Executive Club


Are you one of those beautiful people who takes a workshop but knows that there is still more learning to do over time? Are you also one of those people that likes to learn with and from others? I'm very much that way too and I cordially invite you to join our private accountability group to help you feel more like the CEO of your business. Dive deeper into creating a unique schedule where you'll set boundaries without guilt and feel confident in the work you are doing to generate income. Discuss topics that make sense like how 

to incorporate yoga, therapeutic processes, healthy eating and more into your work. 

You'll hone in on the skills you've already developed:

  1. Sticking with Your Master Calendar

  2. Time Blocking

  3. Bullet Journaling

  4. Structure for Boundary Setting

You'll be part of a supportive and accepting group where you'll share your struggles and victories while gaining valuable insight on how to overcome challenges. We'll take a closer look into:

  1. Setting your top 1-3 daily priorities (with at least ONE to be self-care!)

  2. Grouping your tasks by department or revenue stream

  3. Being ok with "putting things off"

  4. Knowing when/how to adjust your schedule for something you CHOOSE to add to your week

  5. Other Bullet Journaling hacks

  6. And much more!


Executive Club

Monthly Strategy Sessions

1 Friday a month

12pm PT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET


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