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Empowering Solopreneurs and Small Business Teams in the Service Industry

Renee Clair, Empowerment Strategist for Solopreneurs and Small Businesses.

About Renee Clair Consulting

At Renee Clair Consulting, I empower solopreneurs and small business teams in the service industry to achieve business success through personalized coaching and strategic planning.

Reneé Clair, MA, is an Empowerment Strategist who takes woman-owned businesses from chaos to clarity using her holistic 3-pronged approach: Streamlined Business, Motivational Mindset, and Clear Purpose.

With a Masters Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and decades of experience across marketing, sales, operations, and wellness, Reneé brings a diverse skill set to her business coaching and consulting.


Drawing from expertise in recruiting, project management, marketing strategy, and human resources, Reneé empowers solopreneurs and small business owners to thrive.


Her clientele comprises multi-passionate women driven by an undeniable need to serve, seeking both impact and personal freedom. Reneé is deeply committed to supporting their journey, whether it involves family time, travel, or creative pursuits.


As an advocate for change, Reneé serves as a consultant for small businesses and a coach for service providers, fostering growth and resilience.

Ready to embark on your path to personal and professional freedom? Join the free Techy Tuesdays for insightful training sessions or book a free clarity consult today!




Elevate your journey as a solopreneur with personalized empowerment and strategic coaching. One-to-one coaching is tailored to your goals whether it be finding personal and professional freedom, fostering clarity, embracing self-confidence, and learning the art of impactful collaboration. Join me to unleash your full potential and thrive as a solopreneur in your unique entrepreneurial journey.

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Empower your business through my strategic consulting services. From navigating seamless transitions and fostering individual leadership to efficient project and process management, I offer comprehensive solutions. Let me guide you to operational excellence with my expertise in change, people, project, and process management.



I help multi-passionate entrepreneurs and their teams achieve empowerment and confidence to make an impact on the world through their great work through the power of self-care, clarity, freedom and collaboration.

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