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How to Achieve Your 2023 Goals: 5 Easy Steps to Hit Your Targets

The year is coming to a close. While it’s wonderful to reflect on everything that has happened so far, this is also a great time to start thinking about setting new goals for 2023.

Whether you were able to achieve everything on your list or things didn’t quite work out as planned for you in 2022, next year is a new year - a beautiful clean slate.

To give yourself space to achieve your big goals for next year, start planning now. By taking some easy steps to prepare yourself as the year wraps up, you will set yourself up for success!

In this article, I’m sharing my five simple steps to achieving your goals in 2023.

But before we dive in…

How Do You Set Goals for 2023?

I’ve spoken with a lot of wellness entrepreneurs in my work and what always surprises me is that they don’t set goals. This is a BIG missing element to drive your business (and life!) forward. When you set goals, you can use them as a beacon of light to guide you in the right direction.

Business or personal, getting clear on your goals is essential to being able to achieve them and hit your targets.

So how do you set the right goals?

I like to approach setting goals by listening to both my head and my heart. This helps create goals that are aligned and reduce competing priorities.

You can do this by writing down all the goals your brain tells you and then taking some time to meditate or journal on them. You can also start with meditation and journaling to uncover where your heart feels called to go before crafting goals that align with those intentions.

Need more help with goal-setting? Check out this article for more guidance on how to set goals you can achieve!

Once you have your goal(s) in mind, set yourself up for success by following these steps!

Step 1: Time Block to Work on Your Goal

Achieving your goals becomes much harder if you do not set aside dedicated time to work on your projects. Time blocking can help you get really focused on WHEN you will work on tasks related to your goals.

Time blocking is when you break up your time into chunks and do similar tasks in that time. 2 to 4 hours is a good amount of time to set aside to account for any distractions and will give you a good amount of time to work towards your goal. Schedule these time blocks into your calendar and get clarity on what kind of tasks you will be working on during this time.

Step 2: Break Down Your Goal

We often set big goals for ourselves but it can be intimidating to think about how to achieve your goals as a whole. Breaking them down into smaller parts is the second step to achieving your 2023 goals.

Think about breaking down your big 2023 goal into four SMART goals. I aim to set goals that are Specific, Measurable, ALIGNED, Realistic, and Timely, keeping the final outcome in mind to guide my direction. You can then spread them out over the four quarters of the year, making it much more achievable than a big goal you don’t know how to tackle. You can also achieve your goals faster by breaking them down into more manageable parts!

Get more tips about how to set up your schedule to achieve your goals by checking out this podcast episode.

Step 3: Set Up a Steady Pace

“Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.” - John C. Maxwell

Big goals aren’t achieved overnight. It is slow and consistent work that will help us move toward fulfilling our dreams. But without a plan, it’s tough to consistently work towards our goals and this is something I used to struggle with too.

One approach that has worked very well for me is outlined in the 12 Week Year: Get More Done In 12 Weeks Than Others Do In 12 Months, by Brian P. Moran. Since each quarter has about 12 weeks, this is a great technique that can create a little more structure to tackle your quarterly goals.

I recommend setting aside the first week for thinking and planning and taking ten weeks to implement your plan and take action towards your goals. The last week is reserved for analyzing metrics, checking alignment, reviewing roadblocks, and celebrating successes. This way, you can steadily build on your efforts each quarter and move towards your goals!

Step 4: Assess and Adjust Your Goal Periodically

Even with the best-laid plans, we can’t control what life will send our way. Situations change, priorities shift, and we cannot always dictate our entire schedule and time. In times like this, it is critical to assess and adjust our goals periodically and pivot gracefully as necessary.

I recommend assessing if your goals are still aligned each month. If not, consider adjusting them or setting new goals altogether. That might mean switching time blocks around in your schedule, shifting your focus to a different goal or goals, or even ditching a goal altogether if it no longer feels aligned for you or serves your greater purposes.

Remember: Your goals are not set in stone and it is absolutely okay to pivot when you need to, my Light Worker friend 🙏🏼

Step 5: Find an Accountability Partner

That almost-guaranteed success rate is why I encourage wellness entrepreneurs to find an accountability partner to help them stay the course in reaching their goals! It could be a close friend, your business bestie, a supervisor, your team members, or even a business coach. When it comes to setting your goals and making them happen, accountability is key!

2023 can be your year to shine. Try implementing these simple steps to achieve your goals faster and easier! With a little effort, you’ll be well on your way to making your dreams come true.

Need a Little More Help??

If you need a clear, calm and aligned plan of action to help you bring your hopes, dreams and goals to life without burning yourself out in the process, the Productivity Tune Up could be just what you need. I would be honored to guide you in getting clarity on your goals and crafting a roadmap to get you there - learn more and book your session here!


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