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6 Reasons We Don't Take Yoga Classes (and an Invitation)

I'm so excited (and a little nervous) to make this announcement and I'd like to ask for your help :) Since I became a yoga teacher, I've wanted to help people like me - the busy yogi/yogini who works full-time, has a long commute, juggles a busy lifestyle which tends to add stress, tries to stay on a budget to pay off debt, takes care of immediate or extended family members, and feels not flexible because of this hectic life. Being the busy yogini I am, I had my own reasons why I wasn't attending yoga class, but I wondered if other yoga students shared the same thoughts. So, I turned to social media as the most immediate way to collect feedback. I'm so grateful that family, friends, parents and other yoga teachers responded to my question without hesitation! I admire their bravery and vulnerability to share. I compiled the data and created a list of the top 6 reasons we don't take yoga classes.

Do some if not all of the reasons below resonate with you too?

Pondering the reasons we don't take yoga classes... OMMMMM :)

6 Reasons We Don't Take Yoga Classes

1) LOCATION: Studio, gym or fave teacher too far, especially after a long day

2) TIME: Time of classes didn't jive with the yogi's busy schedule

3) MONEY: Tight budgets, money for child care

4) CHILD CARE: Which can definitely be a blend of money and time!

5) FEARFUL OF INJURIES: Not knowing how to modify, feeling defeated, feeling like you can't do all of yoga even if one area of the body is mending

6) FEELING NOT FLEXIBLE/YOUNG ENOUGH: Feeling out of place when everyone goes at a faster pace, seeing other yogis be "more flexible"


These are all valid reasons! Life gets busy! I totally get it. And, although I'm not a mama, I admire my mama and dada friends and know this adds on another layer to the juggling of life. The norm for the American lifestyle is go-go-go with little to time for sleep and self-care. Let's make a pact to practice yoga right now by starting with AHIMSA, or "no harm." This type of yoga involves no movement, but just an agreement to let yourself off the hook for these reasons rather than punishing yourself. YAY for first steps :)

I'm still a brainy, corporate yogini at heart, so I took my new data and, as I was pondering a solution, the solution came to me! Jen from emailed me one afternoon to say that she discovered and loved my website (flattered!!). She invited me to be a weekly Featured Instructor on the Beta site for, a new platform that hosts online LIVE workout classes of all kinds.

I got so excited (like a kid jumping on a bed) when I realized this could be the very solution I was looking for!

My very own first ONLINE & LIVE featured yoga class is scheduled for TUESDAY, 3/20 from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm PST. I've titled my class "R&R Yoga" which is designed to be a gentle yoga, right before bed kinda class to help you with sleep (Rest & Relaxation...get it?! Reneé starts with an "R" too! Love being cheesy.). I'll be able to see all students from my side of the computer, but students will only see me, the instructor, for privacy.

Here are my thoughts on how my particular online LIVE yoga class can help. Do you agree or have other ideas?


1) LOCATION: No commute! Stream from home or maybe your office and sign up with your favorite teacher - me :)

2) TIME: These classes are open to the world, meaning anyone an