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5 Last Minute YOGA Holiday Gifts (Video!)

Christmas is almost here! Do you have all your gifts ready to go for the yogi or yogini in your life? Need a few ideas? Here are 5 gift ideas that are sure to make your yogi do a headstand for joy! Don 't forget to scroll down below to find links to the gifts mentioned in the video. Happy Shopping!!



Yogis love self-care and balance!

Yogis often forget to care for themselves! Get them the gift of self-care. Think gift cards or certificates for whole foods stores, vitamin shops, personal trainers, reiki masters, massage therapists, zumba instructors, mani/pedis, etc.

Some of my faves in the California North Bay:

Twisted Iron Gym (Personal Training, Running and Healthy Living Coach)

Willowbend Natural Medicine (Holistic Healthcare)

Sonoma Roots (Natural Medicine/Vitamin Shop)

Lauren Drinkhall (Zumba Instructor)

Whole Foods


Some of my faves in San Antonio, TX:

Randy Pipes (Massage Therapist @ Oakhaven Massage)

Whole Foods




Make your yogi (or yourself!) happy with essential oils!

Whether the yogi in your life wants to make their home smell like a bakery (without the hassle of cooking!), or discover the magic of healing, essential oils is the way to go!

Check out my trusted pal's site:

Jes Williams-Resnick for Young Living Essential Oils

My neat essential oil travel kit:



Give the gift of "spiritual" bling with malas! These gems (pun WAY intended) are sure to make your yogi smile and will be held sacred for a life time.

In my video: Lean in Mala (no longer available)


In my video: Creativity Mala (no longer available)




Experience yoga on a whole 'notha level!

Yogis LOVE yoga anytime of day, year, season, etc. Look for certificates for workshops, gift cards for yoga studio retail shops and outdoor yoga like in a park or on a beach.The best gift of all: do yoga with your beloved yogini! Quality time is the best gift, after all.

My favorite yoga studios in the California North Bay:

Yoga Community (of course!)

Yoga Tree (look for Stacey Rosenberg!)

Outdoor Yoga SF (SF Disco Beach Yoga Ya'll!!)

My favorite yoga studio in San Antonio, TX:

Southtown Yoga Loft (look for Kristal Cuevas!)

So many options, so little time!


Yogis run their mats into the ground, which is a good thing since they are sometimes harmful for the environment (waste not, want not!). Does your yogi need a fresh start? My friends at have put together an awesome guide for you to find the perfect mat! They've done all the research and taken tons of time to save you from sleepless nights (ok, maybe that was just me?!). Check out theirbelow for the mat that will make your yogi get more present (eh, see what I did there?! LOL):

In my video (fuscia is out of stock):

In my video (pink/orange is out of stock):

I hope these ideas help and that you and your loved ones have an exceptional holiday!

Be the Light,


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