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Sonoma Valley Fire Diaries: 10/13/17 (Help)

As I look back on this period of time, I have to say how awe-inspired I am by the amount of help I received. Here are just a few of the ways I was offered help: prayers from Texas, a Facebook community page constantly sharing updates, a friend who purchased food for my dear dog and networked to find available hotel rooms, my best friend who traveled with me and lent an ear, an unknown family who opened their door and kitchen to us, friends (near and far) who constantly checked up on me, and even more friends who opened up their home.

This was a tough time for me as it brought me back to my younger life in which I felt like a drifter (inside and out), but with the help of some wonderful people all over the US, I became grounded and tethered to "home" from their generosity and kindness. All of my friends and family continue to teach me that accepting help is an act of healing with no strings attached and very much a gift in its own right.

Have you accepted help recently? How were you helped? Did you feel at peace with the offering or guilty? Chat with me below!


Friday, October 13, 2017


This past week had been a whirlwind. It was difficult to find hotel rooms in Santa Cruz that would accommodate my best friend and me as well as our two doggies (there was a Film Festival going on!). We stayed Wednesday night in one hotel right off the water, and the second night in a hotel a little further away just on the edge of town.

My friends and neighbors continued to report how toxic the air quality was but that the fire was more contained. I decided to head back North slowly towards Sonoma, and decided upon Burlingame per a friend's suggestion.

As I packed my belongings and started loading my car, a little dog ran into my hotel room! A gentlemen came running quickly after and apologized for the intrusion. We made small talk about the hotel and where we were from. As soon as I mentioned Sonoma, he apologized for the fires and how many of us were displaced. Although it wasn't his fault by any means, it was nice to hear a neighbor from San Jose empathize with our situation. Then he went on to say he was a FIREFIGHTER and would be in my area for the weekend!! I thanked him several times for volunteering on behalf of my town and the surrounding area. I don't remember his name and there is no way for me to contact him, but I hope he is safe and knows that he is appreciated.

I'm grateful for humble HELP.



Day 5: Holy moly- I can’t believe it’s day 5. I woke up more optimistic: In Sonoma, there was no progression or new fires over night. 747s bombing the fires are seriously one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen (thank you to those who posted images!). I’ve never seen or been through anything like this. I miss my routine and little home although the clear air, blue sky and beach have been welcomed. My home still stands but I know a few who have lost everything... some that have positively impacted my life. There is a community FB page I follow and it’s amazing how folks really pull together. There has been some looting a few blocks from my home which is just awful during this trying time. My landlord, the rock that he is, has ended up staying two nights at Sears Point. He described that over 500 cars, tents, RVs etc were just on his side. I took a run on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk yesterday and realized how much I miss movement. It’s my hope to teach yoga tomorrow: I’m feeling some balanced pranayama, viniyoga and mindfulness is in great need. Please stay tuned and I will post if my class will be on (Saturday, 1045a-1145a).

Rain on Thursday??!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Reneé Clair marked herself safe during The Nuns Fire after a friend asked if she was okay. I’m safe 🙏🏼 In Santa Cruz and heading back up to stay in Burlingame for the weekend. May teach yoga in Sonoma tomorrow (Saturday) if conditions are safe for all.

Sonoma Valley's Saving Grace - WE THANK YOU!

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