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Sonoma Valley Fire Diaries: 10/12/17 (Water)

Water is such a special element. As humans, our bodies are mainly comprised of water. We need to drink water to live and quite a few of us have an unexplained urge to live next to water be it ocean-side, lake or stream. Wars have been fought over water. It amazes me how some countries survive off of very little water, and if they do have water, it is dirty and must be boiled, while here in the US we perfect the art of how to transport water (BPA free plastic, glass, etc.).

I once had a conversation with my sister about water. She showed me a previous employer's Living Water "contraption" and asked with a concerned look in her eye, "If this is the best water to drink, than is it OK for me to drink tap water? And since we grew up on tap water, is our health in danger?"

It took me awhile to craft my response. In our lives, we encounter such a pendulum swing of what we perceive as right vs wrong or best vs worst. We always strive to be on the upper end of the spectrum but it is rather exhausting to always remain on the upswing and often costly. Now, in this period of yoga and great study of the self, I'm discovering that balance is the key to contentment. I responded, laughing a little to mitigate the seriousness of the topic:

"Water is water. There is always going to be something better, yet, having no water will result in our death. Having water period is better than not. Remember how I used to ONLY drink soda?! I felt so terrible. So tap water is just fine, as is bottled water, as is Living Water if one can afford it! But I'll be the first to grab a faucet-full rather than wait 10 minutes for a glass of Living Water!" The "contraption" does take quite awhile to boot up!!

Two of my favorite experiences are drinking water from a hose on a Texas hot afternoon and tubing down the Guadalupe River.

What are some of your fondest memories with water?

Do you like to drink water?

Chat with me below!


Thursday, October 12, 2017


I felt a bit of peace for the first time in several days. I woke up to a sunny sky and the sound of beautiful waves crashing. The air smelled salty and I craved movement. After taking Nilla out and feeding her, I donned my running shoes and headed out. I wasn't sure where to go and I didn't want to get lost, so I headed for the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. There were a few workers unloading goodies for the day and I could almost smell popcorn and pickles. The Boardwalk was peaceful and I was grateful none of the stores were open so I could run with my thoughts.

I felt angry at what was occurring just North of me and helpless that there was nothing I could do to help. I found out that a coworker, who once helped me obtain a job before knowing me, lost all of her belongings. I was grateful that she and her husband made it out of the fire and admired her positive yet realistic outlook. Another had moved only a week prior into a nice neighborhood where water had to be boiled before drinking and yet other neighborhoods were completely without water and power. All I had were words of support to offer and I prayed that was enough. I pounded out my anger with every hit of my heel, however, the ocean and wind were there to comfort me. I realized I had no control over what was happening and that there would be much to help with afterwards for quite some time. I always seem to find serenity and clarity when next to water. Perhaps water is what ultimately drew me to California.

How interesting that I should be next to water on this particular day... the opposite element of what was raging through my beloved towns.

I'm grateful for available and clean WATER.



Update Day 4: I’m waking up exhausted but thankful. Oddly enough, the most immediate reports are coming from neighbors posting on FB. Morning report is Sonoma, Agua Caliente, Boyes Hot Springs and El Verano are calm, cold and smoky. The winds did not pick up as reported. Bulldozers tilled the earth late last night to create a fire block and some sources say that the vineyards themselves create a fire block as the fire consumes them. Sonoma is on advisory/voluntary evac but quite a few residents remain as does my landlord. He is a rock and strongly believes this all will pass and BHS will be just fine. There was a false mandatory evac on the West side of Sonoma which frightened quite a few residents in the early night from their restless sleep. The air is so thick even a rebel like me needed a mask to retrieve my things. I saw SDC residents got sent to Dixon and I’m so glad for their safety. Police and Fire People have traveled to help our town: Alameda we love you. Petaluma still seems to be a safe haven and I may return back although I am enjoying my view and natural sound bath. Even Santa Cruz has a red flag warning. I still remain hopeful for our town and surrounding area.

We can make lemonade out of lemons 🍋

FaceBook post from Clark Good (I've never met them!):

A Symbol of Hope

Meet my new friend Carl. House was totally destroyed by fire. Walking up his driveway with him this morning he see’s a lemon from off of his burnt to a crisp tree, turns to his wife with a big smile and says “look hon we can have lemon in our drinks tonight!” Amazing attitudes they had for loosing so much. His wife said “we got out alive and still have each other, we are blessed” .... #tears #napavalley#atlasfire #napafire2017 — in Napa, California.

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