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Sonoma Valley Fire Diaries: 10/9/17 (Friends)

Dearest Blog Readers,

Between October 9 and 17, I evacuated Sonoma, CA during the Sonoma Valley Fires. I experienced fear at the possibility of losing my home or friends and helplessness of not knowing how to help others who would lose everything. All I could do was wait. I felt stuck; not able to find creativity to write blog posts, not able to find the right words to help others, not able to sleep. But while waiting (and constantly checking the news and Facebook for updates), I shifted my attention on appreciating what I DID have in my life.

In the spirit and season of gratitude, for the next 8 weeks I am rolling out my Facebook posts during that trying time and each blog post will represent one thing I am grateful for.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. What are you grateful for? Have you experienced trauma or displacement? What did you do? Who supported you?


Monday, October 9, 2017


I woke up to the sound of sirens and to the smell of barbecue smoke. I knew something was wrong. During the night, I had slept restlessly due to the pounding of strong winds against my home. In my 3 years living in Sonoma, CA, I'd never experienced winds this strong.

I checked my phone. It was 6am and I had several missed calls and messages from friends. My best friend rarely wakes early, so I checked her message right away. I could hear the fear in her voice:

"Reneé, I hope you're ok. I'm not sure if you've heard, but we're surrounded by fires. I'm packing right now to get out. I don't know where to go, but I'm taking you with me. I know today is your first day of work, but I think they'll understand if you don't go. If I don't hear from you by 7am, I'm coming to get you. Call me back."

I called her back panicked and crying and we made arrangements. I took Nilla out to go potty and couldn't believe ash was raining from the sky.

I was fumbling for my belongings and that question I'd heard before entered my mind, "What would you take in an emergency if you only had 5 minutes to get out of your home?" I grabbed my gym bag and took my lifting belt (hey, it was expensive and already in there!), some underwear, Nilla's food, some jeans, important papers, my laptop and pictures of my family and headed out.

In a small town, there is rarely a line for gas, but at 7am, cars were lined up down the 2-lane street. I waited for my friend to get gas and told myself I could make it on 1/4 tank.

All of a sudden, I received a group text from another friend:

"Hi fellow yoga teachers. My husband, kids and I are headed to my in-laws in Petaluma. You are welcome to meet us."

I texted my best friend the good news - WE HAVE A PLACE TO STAY!

It took us 30 minutes to get out of Sonoma when normally it takes 10. It was painful to wait there in traffic smelling the BBQ, watching the ash hit the hood of my car, and watch the smoke seep in like a cruel fog.

We made it to Petaluma and were greeted with open arms. My friend's in-laws made us feel right at home, pets and all, with home cooked meals and smiles. There was a bit of ash still falling from the sky like snow, but the town appeared calmer. I felt safe for a moment.

Throughout the rest of the day, friends from all over the country texted, emailed, FB Messenger'ed, IG'd me to check on my well-being.

I'm grateful for my FRIENDS.




Hi everyone... update from Northern Cali. Me and Nilla are safe as are the rest of my friends. I slept terribly due to wind gusts at 20mi. I awoke at around 2a to the smell of smoke, almost like TX BBQ. There were fires 15-20 mins away in small towns I passed through just yesterday. Markets and wineries/vineyards I frequent have been affected. Today was my first day of work which has been cancelled. I’m in Petaluma now and have been watching ash fall like snowflakes. I don’t think deaths have resulted at this time but please keep this area in your heart/thoughts prayers. As I left today I was faced with that funny question, “What would you take if you had to leave for an emergency?” I believe my area is safe but the air quality is terrible and the smoke is like fog. Be safe everyone 💕


Tubbs Fire Check In (Facebook is amazing with this feature!)




Text 888777 (This is an amazing feature that the state has to keep people up-to-date with traffic, fires, and more)




SDC this morning via a coworker via another coworker. I was just there for a run yesterday and SDC has the most caring staff and kindest people who live there. This area reminds me of our Halloween parade- one of my favorite events that helped us all be kids again.

View of the bridge at Sonoma Developmental Center

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