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Recipe Alert: Pick-Me-Up Fig & PB Rice Cakes!

This snack tastes DELISH!

OMG... I just had a MAJOR sugar craving and it was totally curbed by this tasty treat. Move over jelly... FIGS are the new... um... JAM?!

In the dish below you know every ingredient you are putting in your body. Best part is, you get that energy pick-me-up we all seem to need after 3pm. The the natural sugar of the figs will rush to your rescue, almost immediately wiping away that afternoon fog, while the PB will leave you with energy to go get your work out on and make a healthy dinner later.

Hunt down some figs and give this a whirl!

PS: This doesn't taste anything like Fig Newton bars if you were thinking that. Did anyone else at one point believe or get told that those bars were healthy and were a great thing to have when dieting?! Bleh!

PPS: Dieting does NOT get results... life changes do... :)


Pick-Me-Up Fig & PB Rice Cakes


  • 3 Fresh Figs (remove weird pointy tips)

  • 2 Brown Rice Cakes

  • 2 Teaspoons (NOT Tablespoons) Peanut Butter


Find a fancy plate and throw your rice cakes on top of it. Spread PB evenly on each rice cake. Take out frustrations of the day by macerating (smooshing) figs in any way you see fit to stick those suckers on your rice cake. Shove in face. Feel energy come back up and be happy!

Too much at once? Calories or carb count scaring you away?

Cut back recipe to 1 fig, 1 cake and 1 tsp of PB and remember you didn't mindlessly eat a processed PB and jelly sandwich (which would give you a crazy carb crash with no sustainability). Enjoy!


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Estimated nutrition facts for your pleasure:

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