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Ooooooh, Jealousy...

Jealousy...that green-eyed monster. You know the one. It creeps up on you and seethingly roars that what you haven't isn't enough or what you have can be taken away.

It's that emotion we don't talk about and the one we think we shouldn't feel. And because it's not acknowledged, we feel like an outcast or crazy when it bubbles up. Sometimes we can't figure out what caused the jealousy. In those moments we think "Surely no one else feels jealousy right?!" Time after time it comes up where we covet what another has: more money, higher rank of job, more valuable car or home, an awesome travel adventure a significant other or little ones. Maybe we get those hairs standing on edge when we feel we could lose our significant other to someone else. So often we bury this emotion just to find it goes from a bubble to a boil!

Dealing with this emotion has been exceptionally challenging for me, but as of recent I've found 3 things have worked to keep myself from BECOMING the monster: being honest with myself, talking with someone else (it's so awesome when someone else says they've felt jealous before), and learning that where I am and what I have has ALWAYS been enough.

Objects and people in your life do not define you...YOU define you. And you are ALWAYS enough even if you feel jealous from time to time.

"Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness."

-Caroline Myss

Green-Eyed Monster lol

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