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How to Embody Productivity and Be Ready for ANYTHING in Your Biz! 

In this 3-Hour Masterclass






A 2021 goal you feel confident in with 4 achievable goals to get you there!


Did you know that statistics show that only 3% of adults set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound)? People (like you after this Masterclass!) with SMART goals are said to achieve 10 times as much as people without goals!

A plan of action for Q1 that's easy to implement so you gain clarity and direction for your biz.


Have you heard that old adage that, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail?" This year you WON'T be part of the 37% that experience project failure with clear goals and some simple yet savvy project management. 

A weekly schedule that suits YOUR biz and quarterly goal.


Time blocking - I geek out on it. I'll show you how to balance your daily operations as well as create time to keep pursuing and, ultimately, achieving your goal! This time management method will help you set healthy boundaries for not only your biz but for your life (hello, self-care!).

BONUSES: Feel like a master of your unique productivity plan for 2021, create a plan to pivot your goals + receive a never-before-heard Light Me Up podcast episode on creating a financial emergency plan.


2020 was a doozy and a lot of us were thrown into or off course. Think ahead this year to come up with a plan to pivot and learn when you'll need to. In a follow-up email, I'll send you a podcast episode when I interviewed Andi Smiles, Small Biz Financial Consultant, where she discusses the importance of creating a Financial Emergency Plan. At the end of this podcast, you'll embody productivity and be confidently ready for anything in 2021!

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When working with Reneé to hire help, she guided me to create a Plan of Action. It was so simple! We both understood which of us was doing what and when. It was awesome to meet the deadlines we set! I hired two people at the exact moment I needed them thanks to Reneé's planning skills!

Mastering the Art of Productivity in 2021

Saturday, 1/23/20

3 hours


8am - 11am PT

9am - 12pm MT

10am - 1pm CT

11am - 2pm ET

Masterclass ONLY


Masterclass AND Clair-ity Call Bundle $299

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A note from Reneé...

"It's time to start thinking like an organization...

it's time to think big!"

I wasn't sure if now was the time to offer such an in-depth Masterclass. The holidays are approaching after a global crisis and, in the US, we are experiencing much political strife. But after speaking with quite a few Light Workers and entrepreneurs, I realized that many of you are looking for momentum NOW after the craziness that was 2020! And I whole-heartedly agree and feel called to support you so that you can OWN 2021.

I'd be honored if you joined me in this 3-hour Masterclass so you can Master the Art of Productivity... because it is just that, an art. An ever changing one unique to your personal blueprint.

My hopes and dreams are that you come away with an IMPLEMENTABLE plan for 2021 and that you master the art of productivity in 2021. Right now, most of you have some notes of goals and aspirations in your journal, but what I'd like to gently challenge you with is creating your own plan so you can achieve CLARITY on WHAT it is you want to accomplish and HOW... to really embody the feelings of CALM, CLARITY and PURPOSE... so that you feel CONFIDENT in not only your business, but you as a whole person.

I've got your back, my Light Worker Friend. I'll model the way of learning, putting it into practice and rest (we will be taking breaks during this Masterclass... just like we do in our yoga practice).

I can't wait to guide you and give you the tools to implement this strategy so you an master the art of productivity in 2021!

See you online Light Worker Friend,

Reneé Clair