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Pathmonk Presents Podcast with Ernesto Quezada (4/26/24)

Building a Strong Brand: The Key to Marketing Success”

Balanced Purpose Podcast with Ray Trevino - Episode 49 (4/22/24)

Chaos to Clarity with Renee Clair”


Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast with Amanda Kingsmith (4/1/24)

Empowerment Through Self-Care with Renee Clair”


Lead Stronger Longer with Stephanna Johnson (Video) (3/22/24)

“Empowerment Strategies for Service Based Entrepreneurs”


The Expert’s Roadmap with Bobby Kegley - Episode 9 (12/19/23)

“Reneé Clair — Saving Time, Being More Productive, and Folding AI into Your Business Operations (#9)”


From a Full Cup with Natalie Mullen- Episode 37 (8/31/23)

“Budget these 3 Key Resources for Ultimate Wellbeing w. Reneé Clair”


An Amber a Day Podcast with Amber Fischer - Season 3 Ep 8 (8/15/23)
“Time for You: Self-care, Productivity & Time Blocking with Renee Clair”


Task Management + Time Blocking Podcast with Francis Wade - Episode 30 (7/31/23)

“When You Need to Share Your Task Management Software”


Guides Collective with Aviva Rabinovici (7/13/23)

“Reneé Clair on Productivity and Time Management”


Life On Earth Podcast with Nathalie Croix (3/2/23)

“Time Management 101”


Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast with Amanda Kingsmith (5/20/23)

From the Archives: Time Management & Productivity 101 with Renee Clair


Yoga Magic - Episode 188 (1/5/23)

“Stop Overthinking, Start Time Blocking and Enjoy More Moments of Calm in 2023”


Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast (4/25/22)

"Behind the Scenes Episode: Automation & Batching"


Curious Monki Podcast - Episode 238 (2/3/22)

“Wisdom of 2021: Connect to soul, Connect with other humans, Let go of perfectionism, Show Up, Let go & Surrender”


Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast (12/17/21)

"How to Set Up Your Schedule to Achieve Your 2022 Goals"


Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast (10/14/21)

"5 Tips to Improve Productivity"


Curious Monki Podcast - Episode 191 (5/27/21)

"How She Got There: Productivity Consultant For WellnessPreneurs"


Curious Monki Podcast - Episode 190 (5/21/21)

"You Can Be Productive Without The Hustle! Here Are 5 Tips To Increase Productivity Without Compromising Your Wellbeing"


Balance Your Life Podcast - Episode 102 (4/1/21)

"All Things Wellness, Health + Healing Yourself Naturally"


Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast (3/29/21)

"Time Management & Productivity 101"


Health in the Real World Podcast (Video) - (3/5/21)

"Health, Wellness, and Productivity"


Offering Tree (Video) (1/26/21)

"From Chaos to Clarity: 5 Productivity Tips"


How to Get Hired During Covid (Video) (12/1/20)

"How to Work with a Recruiter When You are Job Searching"


​An Amber a Day - Episode 23 (10/23/20)

"Productivity, Time Management, Boundaries + Running a Solo-Entrepreneur Business" 


Matcha Mornings Podcast (7/7/20)

"Healing the Body Naturally & Learning to Meditate"

​Mastering the Business of Yoga (5/4/20)

"How to Hire Great People for Your Yoga Business"


The Connected Yoga Teacher - Episode 167 (5/4/20)

"How to Make a Recruiting Plan"


Light Me Up (2020)

The podcast designed to be your personal cheerleader for healthy change*

*My personal project

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