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Take the 5-Day Virtual Yoga Challenge with me!


Sign up below to take the FREE and live online beginning yoga Virtual Challenge with me!



  • 20-minute classes

  • Live and online

  • Link emailed daily with an inspirational quote

  • Mute yourself

  • Turn video off for extra privacy

  • CAN'T make it? Don't worry... Recording link will be emailed

  • Did I mention... it's FREE!!

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Private (One-on-One) Sessions

Option: In-Person or Online 

Yoga changed my life. It taught me how strong I am, inside and out. 

My goal is to teach YOU how strong you are by providing you with in-depth instruction on each yoga pose along with poses designed to strengthen your core to help decrease injuries in yoga. My yoga teaching style is laidback and perfect for beginners and those with a busy lifestyle.


In Private (One-on-One) Packages, you can expect:

  • Tailored sessions to meet your goals

  • Core-focus and alignment cues

  • Pranayama/Breathwork

  • Guidance in Nutrition and Cardio to supplement and build upon yoga

  • Gentle Assists, if comfortable

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