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Hi, Fellow Wellness Entrepreneur!

I'm Reneé Clair, MA, yoga + meditation teacher, recruiter, productivity consultant + chocolate lover. I help wellness entrepreneurs lighten their workload so they have more time and energy to enlighten others!

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A little note from Reneé...

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Reneé came highly recommended as a recruiter and I can say with immense gratitude working with her to hire for multiple roles in my company was an incredible experience that resulted in two AMAZING hires.


From the first point of contact I felt an immense sense of relief knowing I was in good hands, and every step of the way I was affirmed that it is invaluable to have the support of an expert when expanding your team. I wanted to work with an expert because I've wasted a ton of time and money in the past on making bad hires. (Not my zone of genius, definitely Reneé's!)


Reneé listened to my needs, clearly outlined the process, reassured me along the way and ultimately kept the process in motion. She was diligent and insightful, organized, professional and committed. She provides a 5 star experience for me as well as the applicants (which was important to me), and explained along the way how and why she arrived at her top 5 for the first round of interviews.


The result of working with her = 2 amazing hires, and feeling empowered and excited and things are in motion and as a team we are kicking ass.

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Lighten your workload so you can have more time to enlighten others!


 - Reneé Clair -

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